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About Soul Colour

Colour Therapy works with the principles of light, to bring about balance within the corresponding parts of light, which are the differing wavelengths of colour and the vibrational sound that they travel on. A balance within the components of light, colour and sound within your body results in harmony, completeness, oneness and unity of Self. Self


If for instance the energy of light within your body is in harmony, then you are well and healthy and your life is expanding, abundant and happy. But if the energy of light within your body is out of balance, then you become tired, stressed, and eventually ill, leaving you vulnerable to cope with the riggers of life.

If this imbalance is not corrected, over a period of time, it will create more imbalances, resulting in restriction and blockages of energy in your body, and life. The imbalance can be reflected in stressful issues and conditions that cultivate disease, mental or emotional disorders, or destructive behavioural patterns. If unaware these states are simply an imbalance of energy within your system, you may reach for drugs, alcohol, caffeine, food or other substances to relieve the symptoms of the imbalance, creating more imbalance.

There is a better way.....Soul Colour Energy Products are based on the science of colour giving you the tools to maintain your energetic well-being.





Narelle Green – Director Soul Colour

Narelle founded Soul Colour in 2002 after being inspired with the painting 'Birth of Soul'. Narelle started studying Art to explore her creative talents and create balance in her life. Through her art Narelle found a way of communicating with deeper aspects of her soul. Connecting with colour inspired Narelle to further studies in Colour Therapy. Narelle is a qualified Aura Soma practitioner and has completed advanced courses in colour therapy in the UK, and also in Kinesiology, Pranic Healing and Reiki. These studies along with her passion for colour, led to the birth of Soul Colour Energy Products – a way for the powers of the soul to influence and guide the world around you.

Elspeth Green – Director Soul Colour

Elspeth has always had an affinity to colour and a better way of life. She strives to find a balance between the unconventional theories and traditional business systems. Elspeth has being working with Narelle since 2005, developing and expanding Soul Colour. Elspeth recently  completed her Bachelor of Commerce at Sydney University. Her role in Soul Colour is business development manager and head of administration and finance.