Using Soul Colour

"Working with light is a life altering experience.

You use the light until you feel the light,

and when you feel the light,

You have the opportunity to be light." - Narelle Green

The use of colour can assist you to  raise your energy in a natural way, and balance any area of your life with ease.  The main aim when working with colour is to expand your consciousness, change your beliefs, and learn to trust the intelligent order of life. Trust that the light in your body and Aura is creating, sustaining and protecting you, and it will move to support and assist you when consciously directed. Working with the radiant light and energy of colour is as diverse as the many challenges we face in our lives.


Each of the rays of light that influence our daily lives is subject to the unrefuted Universal Laws of energy. As Einstein said ‘everything is energy’, therefore everything is subject to these laws. We all are living within them, they protect and support us, and becoming aware of them and working with them will enhance our lives. One law you may be familiar with is the Law of Attraction – like energy attracts like. The three simple steps to using Soul Colour Energy Sprays are based on Universal Law. 


When to use Soul Colour Energy Sprays:

When you don’t ‘feel good’ and your energy is out of balance from stress, anxiety, worry or other negative emotions, you can assist yourself greatly by using the different wavelengths of colour to restore balance and harmony. If unaware these negative states of emotions are an imbalance of your energy, you may reach for drugs, alcohol, caffeine, food or other substances to relieve the symptoms of the imbalance. There is a better way: you can rebalance your energy and relieve the systoms by using a Soul Colour Energy Spray to restore harmony to any condition of the body, mind and spirit, in a natural, intelligent and gentle way.

Using Soul Colour Energy Sprays are easy and effective. They can be a lifesaver and instantly change energy at work, in the car, or at home, anywhere. You can use your spray to uplift, balance or clear energy at anytime and as often as you like. Use in the morning to direct and protect your energy and start your day; and at night before going to bed to cleanse and strengthen your Aura and finish your day.

Try not to overthink the situation; action is what is needed. When using colour, your focused intention will put you back in the drivers seat, and allow you to be the conscious creator of your own life. By acknowledging the problem and your true feelings, the remedy is already on the way.

How to find the colour you need:

To find the colour you need to rebalance your energy, situation or condition, simply close your eyes and quiet your mind for a moment. Let what you need reveal itself by seeing which colour you are drawn to. Colour is best intuited, the language of colour is symbolic and subliminal and the information unique to the individual. You can listen to your own intuition, use a pendulum to guide you, or as in kinesiology you can muscle test to find the colour you need.

Having found the colour, ask how long you need to work with it to bring about balance, as the length of time is unique to the situation, on average one to four weeks. 

How to use Soul Colour Energy Sprays:

The vibrations of colour are taken into a person’s Aura when sprayed over the crown chakra, as the droplets from the spray fall they are received via the senses. The sense of sight, touch and smell will allow the vibrations of the colour to go straight to the original blue print held in your DNA. Any stored or blocked energy in your cells can then be released and available once again for your use. This is the restorative and harmonizing power of using colour consciously.

Hold your spray over the crown of your head or the area needing balancing, and spray two or three times. Breathe in the spray; take a moment to be present and aware of the energy and how you feel. Set your intention by asking for what you need. Your ‘intention’ starts the ‘inward’ flow of energy, and your ‘attention’ starts the ‘outward’ flow of your energy towards the situation.

As you spray your Soul Colour Energy Spray into your Aura or environment, follow the three simple steps below. With these steps you can use colour knowingly to positively change the energy around you. Make using your spray a ritual, as loving rituals and practices are important in our busy lives to connect to the present moment, focus and still the mind, and consciously use our precious life force more effectively.

It is up to you, and the wonderful thing is you can’t make a mistake.

The Three Simple Steps:       Ask – Allow – Appreciate

1. Ask: Ask for what you need. It is important to ask, acknowledge what needs to change, and to direct the intelligence of the light. We all have free will, so the higher levels of consciousness within the light cannot interfere in our journey unless we ask. As you spray your Energy Spray be aware of your energy. Make the moment important to you, and feel the new energy coming in.

2. AllowYou don’t have to work it all out, just trust that the intelligent order of the light and universe will work out the how and the when. All you have to do is stay open to receive.

3. AppreciateIntentionally feel appreciation and gratitude. The feeling of gratitude is akin to the energy of love, soft, warm, open and inviting. Love is energy, and its vibration permeates the whole of the universe and will simply attract more goodness, abundance and love to you. A simple acknowledgment of gratitude at the end of your process could be - ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’.

Notice subtle changes! Your moods and emotions may change while using your Soul Colour Energy Sprays. Feelings of resistance, sadness, confusion, anger, or irrational fears, may arise. This is just old emotional energy being released, and it will pass. The sprays may smell different during use; you may dislike the smell, feel resistance to them, or you may fall in love with them. This is all part of their subtle transformational qualities, and either way - use the whole bottle. Then, see what colour you need next to support your energy field.


What Soul Colour Energy Sprays Can Do For You: 

This is an Aura photo taken of a person’s aura before spraying Soul Colour Energy Spray.  Note the main chakras are not in balance. The heart chakra is enlarged and the base chakra is diminished, indicating they are out of sink with each other. The heart is over active and the base underactive. A strong base chakra is needed for vitality and manifestation. Yellow in the aura indicates excessive emotional and mental activity. Green indicates change and healing is taking place. 






This is an Aura photo of the same Aura taken directly after spraying with a Soul Colour Energy Spray. Note the main chakras are now operating in harmony. The White Light in the crown chakra indicates that it is open and stronger, which will assist all systems within the body to function more effectively. The Blue/Violet colour denotes signs of transformation, unification and purification now in this Aura. Divine protection from the Blue and also Aqua around the heart indicates support for the heart, and creative communication flowing into the heart.

This person's Aura is now functioning more efficiently and harmoniously, which will in turn support and protect them more fully in their life.



Colour is the language of the soul.

Rudolph Steiner, who has introduced to us many holistic modalities, states in his book ‘Angels’, “Colour is part of the underlying order of the universe. Colour is a hidden science known only to a few throughout history, a science through which the soul evolves, grows and reaches it’s full potential. Colour is a language through which nature speaks revealing her mysteries to man”. He goes on to explain, “Everything that lives is to be found in the colours. They are worlds, and the soul element feels that it has to move when it enters the world of colour, it cannot do other than move if it enters into colour with feeling.”

Colour is not a mystery or miracle, simply a mindful balance of energy.

Colour is the soul’s natural healer and can be prescribed just as any vibrational medicine can.

Diagram: Waves of colour are part of the interconnectedness of all life. All information is given to us through light; without light there would be no life.



You don’t have to think it all out:

  • Colour works beyond your thinking mind.
  • Colour is the expression of light; light is a source of power and information. Light is truly medicine for the Now and our future.
  • Colour is the simplest and most accurate therapeutic measure. Your body and mind acts like a colour prism, attracting energy and repelling energy, creating your experiences in life.
  • Colour acts as a conduit, forming the interactive components of subtle and gross energy within the light.
  • Colour is part of the underlying order of the universe, an intelligent language that interacts with your subconscious mind and your body can respond to. Our brain is encoded to respond in certain ways to colour.
  • Colour is a living conscious energy to be used to direct your life in a powerful, natural and easy way.
  • Colour is the soul’s natural healer and can be prescribed just as any medicine or remedy can.


Working with colour, myself I have found this statement by Dr. Rudolph Steiner’s to be true, and also for many clients over the years. Working with colour moves and awakens the soul. Our soul, which is the spark of luminous light from Supreme Consciousness within, is our true source of endless power, and colour is the perfect vehicle to connect with our ‘internal’ power and direct it to impact our external world. Most of us have looked to the external world for our source of power for the greater part of our lives, but what if the power to realizes our deepest talents, dreams and desires is ‘internal’, not external. Our focus has mainly been on the outside and not on the inside, pushing harder and trying to control our lives and others, to only to end up feeling exhausted, frustrated and powerless.

We are vibrational beings, and through understanding and using the vibrational energy of colour we can shift our focus and actualize the source of ‘internal’ power in a natural way. With the conscious use of colour you can empower and heal yourself, and begin to serve your highest good, and initiate the process of growing into the radiant light of your True Self and soul.

Soul Colour Energy Sprays come in 14 different colours and natural fragrances, all designed for a specific purpose. Whether you need inner strength, wisdom, guidance, comfort, peace or love, they are all there. These floral waters are designed using carefully chosen essential oils that anchor specific colour frequencies from the rays of light. They are in a base of purified water that has been consciously blessed and hand poured.

Soul Colour Energy Sprays are a unique and innovative vibrational tool. The healing colour wavelengths of Soul Colour Energy Sprays penetrate deeply and subtly into your sub-conscious mind. Working beyond your reasoning mind, often non-intrusively, but nonetheless powerfully, there full impact is frequently only felt after harmony is restored, and you realize – ‘I am not living in that problem anymore’.

Following are 14 beautiful colours and a little information on the vibration they hold, and the gifts they bring for you to explore and use in your daily life.

Colour can be an entery point into the Now 

and have your ‘external’ world as powerful and strong as your ‘internal’ world.

Soul Colour Energy Sprays

Not sure what Soul Colour Energy Spray to use? Email us and we will direct you.