Aqua Energy Spray

Aqua Energy Spray
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You can use your Soul Colour Energy Spray anytime to get in touch with your soul energy to bring balance and harmony into your life. If you are feeling negative, you can use your Energy Spray to bring your energy back into a positive vibration. 

The fourteen different Soul Colour Energy Sprays can be used at various times when different colour energies are required. You can intuit, muscle test or use a pendulum to help guide you in your decision on what colour is appropriate.


The energy of Aqua gives a sense of playfulness and freedom; love of good friends, for Aqua loves sharing and togetherness, a vibration that honors right action, unity, and family and loves to celebrate life. Aqua is the great creative communicator.
Aqua assists in showing us how to relate and access energies through our feeling body. Conscious use of Aqua empowers you to be self-questing, self-enquiring and self-serving hence no one is in control of your energy field or your life, but you. When working with the calmness and stillness of Aqua comes a deep peace, generating a sense of harmony and balance within.

Aqua can expand our consciousness beyond the thinking mind, opening the imagination and placing other worlds at our fingertips. Aqua influences multimedia and global communications, in recent years this ray has created rapid growth in computer technology and changed communication on the planet forever. Aqua is a highly intelligent and sensitive level of creative communication through the hearts sensory system. Aqua awakens the instinct to know, explore and investigate beyond the physical senses.

Aqua is a combination of Blue, Yellow, and White Light. Aqua influences the creative mind with creative joy and a deep desire to know and embrace the unknown aspects of our nature. True Aqua lives on the edge, abounds and revels in creativity, trusting the inner nature to explore all possibilities, mysteries and dimensions.


The Aqua spray brings a sense of space and peace with subtle tones of ylang ylang and a hint of orange blossom.

Soul Colour sprays are available in two convenient sizes the everyday 50ml or the 30ml handbag size. Instructions for use included.

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