Magenta Energy Spray

Magenta Energy Spray
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You can use your Soul Colour Energy Spray anytime to get in touch with your soul energy to bring balance and harmony into your life. If you are feeling negative, you can use your Energy Spray to bring your energy back into a positive vibration. 

The fourteen different Soul Colour Energy Sprays can be used at various times when different colour energies are required. You can intuit, muscle test or use a pendulum to help guide you in your decision on what colour is appropriate.



The energy of Magenta is love in action, assisting you to find love in everything you do. The vibration of Magenta is about our conscious understanding and use of the energy of love. You are either emanating a loving vibration or you are not.

Magenta assists to develop our intuition, to mature and balance our feminine energy, enabling us to be aware of our needs to nurture, comfort, protect, cleanse and nourish body, mind and soul.

Magenta combines the magnetic blood-warming Red ray, and the cooling antiseptic electro Blue ray: it is a natural antibiotic within the rays, an excellent stimulant without causing irritation. Magenta is beneficial in the treatment of advanced or chronic disorders and diseases, increases the flow of fluids in the body, and acts as a quick and useful emotional stabilizer. The body has the ability to heal itself and will naturally return to a state of wellness, when the true cause of the disease is addressed.

Magenta is conscious love. In the Aura Magenta connects to the energy of Divine Mother, She activates our spiritual faculties, and awakens true love and compassion. As love matures within the evolving consciousness of man, Her power cares for all through our awakened consciousness.

Magenta cares for the carers of this world. If you are in the service of caring for others, Magenta will replenish you with inner strength and care for your needs.

The Magenta spray is soothing and nurturing enveloping you in its gentle notes of rose and frankincense.

Soul Colour sprays are available in two convenient sizes the everyday 50ml or the 30ml handbag size. Instructions for use included.

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