Olive Energy Spray

Olive Energy Spray
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You can use your Soul Colour Energy Spray anytime to get in touch with your soul energy to bring balance and harmony into your life. If you are feeling negative, you can use your Energy Spray to bring your energy back into a positive vibration. 

The fourteen different Soul Colour Energy Sprays can be used at various times when different colour energies are required. You can intuit, muscle test or use a pendulum to help guide you in your decision on what colour is appropriate.

The energy of Olive assists to assimilate and digest life’s stressful emotional and mental challenges. 
Olive assists greatly when going through life altering experiences, as change can often bring up our deepest fears. Olive is practical and resourceful; it brings confidence and clarity, giving a sense of calmness and inner strength when feeling stressed. 

Olive finds the resources to produce what is needed.

Olive being part of the Green ray possesses all the qualities of the Green, the energy to balance, neutralize, heal, cleanse, restore, nurture and rejuvenate all systems within the body. Olive assists to synchronize mind and heart. Olive strengthens the heart chakra, a portal within the Aura, which needs pure energy from the higher planes to operate at its full capacity. Use Olive to connect with your inner strength and guidance.

The Olive Energy Spray is a power boost of cedar leaf with a soft nurturing center of rose.

Energy Sprays come in 14 different colour vibration assisting you with whatever you may need love, wisdom, strength, healing, peace and so much more. They are hand made and hand poured with conscious intent and all organic ingredients.

Soul Colour Energy Sprays are available in two convenient sizes the everyday 50ml or the 30ml handbag size. Instructions for use included.


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