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Pink Energy Spray
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You can use your Soul Colour Energy Spray anytime to get in touch with your soul energy to assist you to bring balance and harmony into your life. If you are feeling upset and negative, you can use your spray to calm your emotions bringing your energy back into a positive vibration. 

The fourteen different Soul Colour Energy Sprays can be used at various times when different colour energies are required. You can intuit, muscle test or use a pendulum to help guide you in your decision on what colour is appropriate.

COLOUR: PINK is the expression of love, comfort, nurturing, kindness, romance and caring. Pink sooths and comforts make you feel safe. 

The energy of Pink expresses itself through thoughtful acts, affection, tenderness, compassion, sensitivity and intimacy. 

Pink is like a magnet; drawing in what you need, it draws in love and goodness. 

Pink assists to calm the nervous system allowing the energy of love to flow. Consciously use Pink when you are feeling stressed, unable to sleep, anxious, obsessive or tense.

The Pink spray is a beautiful energy to work with. Pink has soft and comforting notes of rose and sandalwood. Energy Sprays come in 14 different colour vibrations assisting you with whatever you may need love, wisdom, strength, healing, peace and so much more. They are hand made and hand poured with conscious intent and all organic ingredients.

Soul Colour Energy Sprays are available in two convenient sizes the everyday 50ml or the 30ml handbag size. Instructions for use included.


The light of Pink is the cosmic fire that defies time and space, changes physical matter, transforms and manipulates lower energies, creates the new, and sustains all life. Pink is a fiery radiation of intelligent living light that uplifts all in the proximity of its powerful presence.

Pink in the Aura acts like a magnet attracting love and goodness to you. There is nothing the energy of Pink cannot manifest, heal or rebalance.

Pink and the body

Pink relates to the reproductive organs, the heart, and breasts. Your reproductive organs are the energy centers through which the gross and subtle vibrations of creation happen personally for you. Awareness of the balance of energy within this centre determines your success or failures in life, and in particular your love life. The heart is your feeling centre, a portal to the inner world where you can feel all levels of energy, and express your feelings and truth. The breasts represent the nurturing centre, through which your ability to give and receive energy flows. In particular Pink is the feminine nurturing energy of love, compassion, care, support and comfort influence the health of breast tissue.

If the energy of Pink, is not flowing through these organs they will become depleted and diseased. Pink also relates to feminine energy or feminine intuition, which does not relate to gender. Feminine energy is a quality and vibration within consciousness that influences our ability to receive pure energy and higher guidance.

A big dose of Pink energy, conscious love, prevents imbalance and disease in the body. Your cells and organs need the pure energy of conscious ‘love’ to operate at their optimum health. Ask yourself – “Are my thoughts, words and actions loving, am I communicating my love or my fear?” Observing your behaviour and the conscious choice to be ‘loving’ will make a monumental difference to the quality of your health, relationships and life.

Think Pink – in a crisis. The energy of Pink is an antidote to fear. Pink assists greatly with situations of anxiety, stress, upsets, worry, anger, aggression, panic attacks, obsessiveness, restlessness, sleeplessness and irrational fears. Fear based thinking will turn the colours of the Aura dark, dense and into a destructive toxic force, attracting further negative energy to you. When someone is upset the use of Pink energy will calm the body and relax the mind so the flow of intelligent energy can be restored. If a person is left in a state of stress or anxiety for any length of time illness may result.


I love Pink and I am never without a Pink energy spray. When I spray myself with the colour Pink I feel love, I feel a sense of comfort, softness, and at the same time inner strength. I use Pink every day its vibration grounds more of who I really am”….Sue H.

Change your Energy Change your Experience of Love

What the Energy of Pink can do for You:

  • Pink sooths anxiety and uncomfortable feelings that you may have in dealing with difficult situations, emotions or people.
  • Pink to balance intimacy and romance issues in your life. Pink is highly sensitive, melts and dissolves resistance and carries the promise of hope. After divorce or break-ups the vibration of Pink is often depleted in the Aura. Use Pink to restore balance so you can heal and move forward with your life.
  • Pink brings the flow of love back in, a wonderful colour to use when working with families issues, teenagers, children or groups. The colour Pink generates a calming energy bringing people together.
  • Pink is an excellent energy to reassure and calm children when they are agitated or stressed.

Pink - when you need a hug – love feels good, never bad. The energy of Pink makes the world less dark, scary and intense.

A Pink Tip - The energy of ‘love’ is always alive and living in the ‘present moment’, but the thinking mind stops the flow – consciously breathe when you feel anxious or stressed it will calm the body and focus the mind, so you can stay connected to the flow of ‘love’ in the Now.

Issues to look for if Pink is out of balance in your Aura:

  • The shadow side of Pink can be needy, demanding, and overly fussy, with unrealistic and demanding expectations.
  • If Pink is out of balance you maybe experiencing emotional, mental, or physical abuse, issues around self-abuse and lack of self-love.
  • If Pink is out of balance in the Aura you maybe having difficulty experiencing a healthy relationships, or attracting love into your life.
  • If Pink is out of balance it can create constant dramas, abuse, or frustrations that will block the flow of pure good energy into your life.


Ann a young single mum came to see me regarding her three-year-old daughter, Lilly, who’s out of control tantrums were becoming a concern. During our session the balance colour that came out for Lilly was Pink. Ann began using a Pink energy spray whenever Lilly was acting out and overwhelmed by strong emotions. Ann soon noticed that Lilly calmed more quickly when using the Pink, and her tantrums became less frequent. Lilly now asks for the Pink spray, identifying for herself when she doesn’t feel ‘Ok’. Lilly calls Pink her ‘happy bottle’.

Todays practice to balance Pink in your Aura

  • Take a moment in your day to sit quietly and focus on what love means to you.
  • Bring your awareness to your breath and mindfully, and slowly, breathe in 21 conscious breaths of Pink. If you cannot visualize Pink don’t worry, your conscious intention is all that is needed. As you breathe imagine every cell in your body filling with warm soft Pink light, and feel your body relaxing.
  • After the 21 breaths bring your awareness to the heart and sacral chakras and imagine them filled with loving Pink light, consciously feel the energy of love in these areas of your body. Silently say three times – “every cell in my body is now singing the song of creation, the song of love”.

Stay in this loving Pink healing energy as long as you can.


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