Emerald Energy Spray

Emerald Energy Spray
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You can use your Soul Colour Energy Spray anytime to get in touch with your soul energy and bring balance into your life. If your emotions are negative, you can use your Energy Spray to bring your energy back into a positive vibration. 

The fourteen different Soul Colour Energy Sprays can be used at various times, within the vibrational rays of colour is whatever you might need - strength, guidance, truth, healing, love, peace, joy and so much more.

The energy of Emerald assists in giving us the courage to be honest with our heartfelt feelings and the truth of how we really feel, instead of how we think we should be feeling to meet others expectations, approval, acceptance or love.

The vibration of Emerald is a powerful energy to stimulate rejuvenation, regeneration, integration and healing, bringing energies back into balance.

Emerald is about a deep opening and healing of the heart chakra. Emerald highlights the root cause of pain through heightens intuition, supports and opens deeper levels within the heart chakra, thus assisting you to ‘feel’ your way through challenging situations, enabling you to ‘feel’ underlying currents of subtle energies and hidden agenders. Emerald is the great healer, reveals and heals pain on all levels.

Emerald strives to keep a balance between the intellect and the emotional concerns of the heart.

Emerald creates a natural portal within the heart to access the vibration of pure intelligence that permeates the whole of the universe - it is only our fears that block this energy. 
Use Emerald to heal and open the heart.

The Emerald spray brings a feeling of peace as the lavender notes bring a sense of calm and the camomile sooths any frayed edges.

 Soul Colour sprays are available in two convenient sizes the everyday 50ml or the 30ml handbag size. Instructions for use included

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