Kali Ma - Clear

Kali Ma - Clear
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This beautiful necklace is lovingly hand made with Swarovski crystals, and named after Kali the Hindu Goddess of liberation, and Ma meaning Divine Mother, Kali frees us from the illusion of the ego.

In wearing a Kali Ma necklace, one feels a strong connection to the Divine Feminine. These crystals, based on sacred geometry are a talisman to bring support, balance, comfort and protection to your energy field.

The Kali Ma necklace is based on sacred geometery. The Swarovski crystals used are bi-cone shaped crystals, the upward pointing triangle represents the Sun, solar - the masculine principal and forces of creation.  The downward pointing triangle represents the Moon, lunar - the feminine principal.  The two triangles joined together represent the Divine union of male and female forces of wisdom and love, bringing forth creation.

The sacred geometry of the triangle represents the three planes of existence – the Spiritual, Mental and Physical plane. Each piece is hand made with conscious love to uplift, protect and support your energy.


"As I placed the Crystal necklace around my neck, I felt the most beautifully gentle energy encircle my body.  I knew intuitively that it holds the frequency of the new energy coming onto the earth, now.  And that by wearing it, the aura from the crystals would keep clear the frequency of energy that surrounded me, when wearing it.  I knew also it would be a gift to wear while speaking and caring for other people. " ………… Valerie Barrow www.cosmicsaibaba.com

 Soul Colour Jewellery is the perfect gift for someone you love.Your Soul Colour necklace has been hand made using Swarovski crystals for your pleasure and enjoyment.

This jewellery is so unique. It can be dressy or casual. Wear it and feel beautiful and powerful it was hand  made for you!

Clear brings all the rays into perfect balance. Clear is the pristine pure cosmic light. Clear contains the essence of all qualities, both positive and negative, sparkling with brilliant perfection.

45.5 cm or 18 inches in length.

Clean gently with a soft cloth. Hang or lay your Soul Colour Jewellery do not scrunch.

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