Soul Colour Pack

Soul Colour Pack
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The ‘Soul Colour Pack’ is your tool to finding what colour you may need or your ‘soulcolour’.

What is your ‘soulcolour’?

Like everything in the universe you are energy. One of the most pristine forms of energy is light, so light is the very essence of what you are.

Light is made up of colour and your soul energy will tend towards one part of the spectrum. We call that your ‘soulcolour’.


Knowing your ‘soulcolour’ is a way of opening up to your soul’s subtle energies relating to body, mind and spirit giving you access to intuition, new knowledge and impartial guidance.

You can then use Soul Colour principles, practices and energy products to open up to your soul energy and gain harmony in every area of your life. Colour is the subtle and subliminal language of the soul speaking to you beyond your reasoning mind. The subtle and powerful presence of the soul energy will guide you to understanding your gifts, talents, purpose and challenges in life assisting you to reach you full potential.


You can find your ‘soulcolour’ by using a pendulum and instructions in the Soul Colour Pack.


Contents include: Soul Colour booklet and Sarasvati crystal pendulum.
Soul Colour booklet is a fun tool to find your ‘soulcolour’ and a unique gift to share with family and friends. The booklet also acts as a quick and easy guide to find out what colour you need for balance a situation or issue. Full instruction included.

Sarasvati Crystal Pendulum is named from the Hindu goddess of learning and the arts. She encourages the thirst for knowledge. This high quality crystal is made with Swarovski Crystallized elements. When unsure of what colour to use for a particular situation your pendulum will guide you.

Pendulum features: 
is hand made from genuine highest quality Swarovski Crystal for a perfect balance. When unsure of what colour to use for a particular situation your pendulum will guide you and also in choosing other Soul Colour energy products.


Clean gently with a soft cloth.

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