Connected Light Waves

Connected Light Waves
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Soul Colour art enhances and uplifts the energy of any room and the people in it. The colours and symbols connect to your senses balancing and uplifting your energy. Soul Colour art helps you choose to live consciously, creating a harmonious environment.

These beautiful pieces of art are reproduced on premium satin canvas with the highest quality oil inks printed to archival standards and hand touched by the Artist making this piece of Soul Colour Art uniquely yours.

‘Connected Light Waves’ reminds us that we are connected in every way, on all levels, that the universe is an act of love and the light of that love permeates all of creation. This image reminds us we are light, and light communicates with light. It reminds us that each ray of colour the light expresses has intelligent information affecting the rhythms of our mind that influence mind, body and soul. …..Narelle Green

76.2 x 76.2 cm

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