Soul Colour Consultations

Soul Colour Consultations
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Science tells us everything in the universe is energy you are energy. One of the most pristine forms of energy is light, so light is the very essence of what you are.

  • Colour is the expression of light. Light sustains and supports all life. Without light we would have no life.
  • Light is truly medicine of the now, and an investment in our energetic well-being.
  • Colour is the simplest and most accurate therapeutic measure. The body and mind acts like a colour prism, attracting energy and repelling energy, hence creating your experiences in life.
  • Each colour within the spectrum vibrates at a different frequency.
  • Each colour is coded with information to balance, transform and energize enabling energy to create.
  • Colour is a living consciousness to be used to direct your life force in a powerful and easy way.

  • Colour is a natural healer and can be prescribed just as any medicine or remedy can, to heal and harmonize areas of your life.

With a consultation you will discover your 'soul colour'. Knowing your 'soul colour' helps to understand your gifts, talents and challenges in life. What is the colour that balances your 'soul colour'? Learn how to work with the subtle energy of colour to balance any area of your life..

When I think of colour and healing I always think of Narelle.  They are one and the same as she has been the voice that has been able to explain the magic of colour to me and why when I use it miracles occur in my life.  With Narelle’s loving guidance, wisdom and Soul Colour I have been able to work through difficulties in my relationships with my family and the relationship with myself.  The energy of colour has allowed me to open up to my own guidance and wisdom and to trust myself.  I use colour  everyday and now have the confidence to ask myself what I need to shift negative thoughts and patterns and I am constantly surprised by the simple and loving answers I receive.   Soul Colour has brought more love into my life in the form of loving myself which has made my relationships more loving and joyful.  There have been days of darkness where I forgot everything I new and your light guided me back to the truth.  Thank you Narelle for Soul Colour and for being such a kind and loving mentor and such a shining light! “.....Jackie S

Soul Colour Consultations are available with Narelle Green. Consultations are avaliable one on one in Sydney, NSW or via telephone or Skype at a pre-arranged time. 
Please email us to arrange a booking.

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