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Skype Consultations
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Colour is a medicine for the now. An investment in your future energetic well-being and can be prescribed just like any other medicine or drug.

You can Skype with Narelle and receive a colour consultation and reading. Ask your personal questions regarding colour and you. You can find your 'soul colour', which is the ray of light you came into this life on, the gifts and challenges of that ray and how to work with your 'soul colour' to connect to your own divinity at a deeper and more conscious level.

Skyping with Narelle enables you to have a colour healing and learn other ways to consciously change your energy and heal with colour. Narelle can guide you to find your families colour lineage and discover what vibrations may be weak in your DNA causing unwanted patterns that may be holding you back in life. During your consultations Narelle will balance your energy and chakras, and guide you to find what colour vibration you may need to balance and harmonize your life right now.

Please email for more information or to confirm a booking time.


"I have found the convenience of skyping with Narelle a great benefit in my life as she is in Sydney and I am in Melbourne. I am a nurse and work long hours, and my work doesn't leave me with a lot of time to attend practioners and such. Skyping is so convenient I don't have to go anywhere, and can do it from the convenience of my own living room. I enjoy skyping with Narelle. I have learnt so much about colour and how to balance and uplift my own energy at work and in relationships. Narelle has given me other tools and practices to just make my life easier. I Skype about every two months with Narelle to find what colour I need next, her knowledge on the intelligence and deeper meaning of colour is enlightening and invaluable at how powerful the colour energy sprays are and could not imagine my life without them now - thank you Narelle for the beautiful gift"....Kyle.


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